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Bob & Cindy

PRODUCT DESIGN is our only business!

COMTECH ELECTRONICS, INC. is a small business incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida with headquarters located in Gainesville, Florida. We develop high-tech products for our customers on a consulting basis in addition to partnering with select companies. Comtech implements rigorous engineering standards to design, prototype, test, and deliver all of our projects at a reasonable cost and in a realistic timeframe.


Functional Organization

Although a small business, the functions are managed by key personnel in accordance with their particular expertise and backgrounds with a minimum of formal organizational structure. Skills and experience available within the organization cover a wide range of disciplines and are utilized as required. Although responsibilities are clearly assigned, the organization works as an integrated team. Additionally, consultants are employed as required to assure the availability of the top talent available in the industry.

Project Organization

For most activities "Program/Project Management" concepts are employed which focus the organization on specific projects under the leadership and direction of the Program or Project Manager. The Program Manager normally reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company and operates with his full support to assure efficient fulfillment of program objectives.

Operating Facilities

Operating facilities include office and laboratory with a complete range of video test equipment for all the worlds' standards, as well as computer aided design (CAD) capability for mechanical, optical, PCB layout, and electronic drawings and documentation. Adequate machining facilities are provided by qualified machine shops in the area. Facilities for expansion are readily available when needed in the immediate area and at the new technology development center which is affiliated with the University of Florida. Our building is conveniently located near I-75 and the University of Florida.

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